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A few months ago I came across an open letter to Shaun White that was posted on Facebook. Knowing that he was an Olympic athlete made me curious so I read it and found myself in tears. The mother of a child with congenital heart disease wrote the letter, so my curiosity made me investigate further. I was overwhelmed by how many children are born with heart defects each year.

I decided to talk with a friend whose son, Caleb, I knew was a “heart” kid. Caleb is a 10-year-old boy I met three years ago after his father died of Sudden Cardiac Arrhythmia while on the basketball court. Caleb was born with four heart defects in addition to an arrhythmia issue like his father.

heart to heart picture

I hear of this happening way too often. My first thought was, “What can I do?” and, “How can I make a difference”? Caleb invited me to a Valentine’s Day event hosted by Angels for Hearts, an organization founded to ensure that pediatric heart patients maintain some sense of normalcy while growing up in hospital settings. Angels for Hearts strives to help these children remember that, first and foremost, they are kids before they are “heart” kids. After attending this special event I knew Studio Fit could make a difference in the hearts of others.

Studio Fit created Heart to Heart Open Time, offering clients the opportunity to make a difference in a child’s heart while taking care of their own!

Heart to Heart Open Time is a chance to utilize the space and equipment in Studio Fit for either a cardio or weight training workout, in addition to individually scheduled fitness times.

All proceeds and donations will go to
Angels for Hearts, Inc.
a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization

Weight Training Workout
Friday 8:30 – 9:30 a.m.
$10.00 per person

*a written workout will be provided.

Cardio Time
Monday – Saturday
$5.00 per person

Please call the Studio for available times: 916-686-1477

*Open Time is available to current clients and class participants.


Our Mission

Angels for Hearts was founded on the idea of making sure that pediatric heart patients maintain some sense of normalcy of being a kid while having pediatric heart issues and growing up in hospital settings. We strive to help these children remember that first and foremost they are kids before they are heart kids.

About Us

Angels for Hearts, Inc. is the product of a Sacramento family, the Kaufman’s. Curtis and Patricia Kaufman are the parents of Kimberly Kaufman, now 37 years old. Kimberly is an otherwise healthy woman who was diagnosed with congestive heart failure in November 2004. Kimberly is not a transplant candidate for medical reasons. Kimberly remains a heart patient, and has a less than normal life expectancy.

The Kaufman family is mindful of the experience that they – and hundreds of other families – have endured and are enduring. They have learned that these families and patients, particularly the youngest patients, need help. For this reason, the Kaufman family formed “Angels for Hearts”.

The Kaufman family learned that while a child is in the hospital there is no sense of normalcy. Children need to maintain a sense of normalcy to aid them in their recovery process. Angels for Hearts attempts to bring the normalcy those children are missing while they are in hospital heart units.

Angels for Hearts provides gifts to patients, ages 0-18 years of age in the pediatric heart units at local hospitals during Christmas. Angels for Hearts works closely with the Child Life Specialists at the hospital to make sure that the ‘wishes, wants, and needs’ of the pediatric patients will be fulfilled. Angels for Hearts helps by supplying gifts to the hospital, specifically the pediatric heart unit, and, with the help of the Child Life Specialists, delivers the gifts to the pediatric heart patients.

Along with donations at Christmas, Angels for Hearts puts on its annual “When I Grow Up…” Party. All children, with or without pediatric heart issues, dream about what they want to be when they grow up. The “When I Grow up…” Party allows pediatric heart patients to meet and talk with ‘grown-ups’ such as firemen, police, doctors, nurses, teachers, race car drivers, engineers, chefs, bakers, TV personalities, baseball players, basketball players, pilots, etc. This coordinated effort allows the pediatric heart patients and their families from the major pediatric heart programs in the Sacramento area to come together and be able to share and meet other children and families facing some of the same heart issues. This is a day dedicated to reminding these children that first and foremost they are kids before they are heart kids and that their dreams are only limited by their imaginations.

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