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Pilates on the Reformer

Experience the benefits of a Pilates workout on the Reformer, a piece of Pilates equipment. Our method combines traditional Pilates with a more athletic and progressive approach to training.

Our mission is to give our clients a program that is functional and useful to enhance their daily lives.

The Pilates on the Reformer program will:

  • improve your flexibility
  • build endurance
  • build core stabilization
  • create a lean, balanced body
  • improve your posture

Pilates is the study of Contrology and on the Reformer one can perform hundreds of exercises to attain a uniformly developed body. This is a great cross training tool that changes the way your body looks, feels, and performs. We offer one to one and buddy reformer training.

Contact Studio Fit for more information: (916) 686-1477

Lee Jackson
Certified Reformer Instructor
6 years The Pilates Coach, Practical Pilates Floor, Core & More
Certified Personal Trainer 8 Years
3rd degree Black Belt
Level 1 Karate Instructor
10+ years in the fitness industry
Mom of One and Grandma of One!

Sonia Louie

From Pilates Instructor, Sonia Louie, exercise is a necessary part of life to feel as good as possible!

Sonia has been an avid athlete all of her life, competing as a runner, gymnast, equestrian and swimmer. Sonia was introduced to Pilates in 2004, and loved it so much that she decided to study, train and certify in the Stott Pilates Method.

Sonia is a Certified Stott Pilates Instructor. She is fully trained in Matwork, Reformer, Cadillac, Chair and Barrels, through the advanced levels. Sonia has also studied and certified in Injuries and Special Populations, the Stott Pilates Barre Method and is also well versed in Pre-and Post-Natal Pilates. Sonia trained with Master Trainer John Garey at his studio in Long Beach, and continues to attend further education courses offered by the top professionals in the Pilates Industry.

Sonia’s training allows her to design the perfect workout for anybody to achieve optimal results, no matter what one’s fitness level may be. She always brings her knowledge and generosity of spirit to her client’s sessions, leaving them inspired, empowered and motivated to keep reaching their fitness goals.

4 Responses to Pilates on the Reformer

  1. Summer says:

    What is the cost of your Pilates (Reformer) class?

  2. michelle flock says:

    i am interested in pilates…i have no idea what it is or how to do it. I started yoga to help with some a lower back issue (sciatica, herniated disc) and my doctor said that she recommends pilates over yoga. So i am here wanting to get information and to check your times and cost?

    • Gayle Muller says:

      Hi Michelle,

      For some reason I just received this message. My apologies that Studio Fit never got back to you in a timely matter. We do have Pilates on the reformer and mat Pilates. If you are still interested and would like more information please call 916-686-1477 and ask for Sonia she is our Pilates instructor. Thank you Gayle

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