Who We Are by William L. Pierce

By William L. Pierce

Initially released as a chain in his newspaper and journal, this ebook is the ultimate paintings of 1 of the main well-known leaders of the White nationalist flow in the USA. beginning with the evolutionary foundation of the White race, this ebook specializes in the the Classical Grecian and Roman civilizations, the White international locations of the center East, the increase of the Germanic powers, the Vikings, Christianity, Nazi Germany, global conflict Ii and the racial obstacle dealing with the West at the present time. It comprises, often for the writer, a hugely severe appraisal of Jewish effect in Europe, and ends with an offer of the way the essence of the west will be kept. The e-book includes the total textual content and just about all the illustrations which followed the unique. It has additionally been totally listed.

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And other "regressive" peculiarities -- either died out or were absorbed by their neighbors. , from about 40,000 years ago until the introduction of farming 6,000-8,000 years ago -- is represented today by groups of Upper Paleolithic survivors in Ireland, northern Germany, Scandinavia, and other parts of northern Europe. They were described and pictured in the fourth installment in this series. The Cro-Magnon homeland may be considered to be the vast northern European plain, stretching from the Alps in the south to the North Sea and the Baltic Sea in the north, and from Ireland in the west to the Urals in the east.

It was she who first taught the Aesir magic such as was practiced among the Vanir.... Invasion and Conquest "A great mountain chain runs from the northeast to the southwest. It divides Svithjoth the Great from other realms. South of the mountains it is not far to Turkey.... Because Odin had the gift of prophecy and was skilled in magic, he knew that his offspring would inhabit the northern part of the world. Then he set his brothers Ve and Vili over Asgard, but he himself and all gods and many other people departed.

But what is already certain is that many cultural innovations which had formerly been attributed to the Middle East actually were European in origin. Neolithic Revolution There can be little doubt, however, that the Neolithic revolution began in the Middle East. At the time when the first cereal grains were being cultivated in the Middle East more than 10,000 years ago, the climate in Europe was wholly unsuitable for farming. By about 9,000 years ago, however, farming had spread to eastern Greece.

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