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Are you on any medication? Are you allergic to anything? Anything else that you would like to tell me? I appreciate your co-operation. Thanks I’ll come back to you again. Bye. 9. LOSS OF CONSCIOUSNESS Mr. Brandon, 45 years old teacher had lost his consciousness, he is now in the Medicine OPD. Take relevant history from him. Good Morning Mr. Brandon, how are you? I am Dr. XYZ, Senior House Officer in Medicine. As far as I know you had come with complaints of loss of consciousness. I am here to ask you a few questions regarding it so that we can find out what’s causing it.

Anyone in your family with similar problems, any heart problems, stroke? Are you on any medication? Are you allergic to anything? Is there anything else that you would like to tell me? You have been very co-operative, I appreciate that. I will come back to you later. Thanks. 10. VOMITING PLAB-2 Mrs. Jennifer is admitted in the A+E with sickness. You being the SHO there, take appropriate history from her. Good Morning Mrs. Jennifer. I am Dr. ABC, Senior House Officer in Accident and Emergency. How are you feeling?

Is she drowsy or active? Can you tell me how many times she has had runs? What is the color? Does it smell bad? Did it contain blood in it? Has she been sick?  Has she got running temperature or pain in her tummy?  Is she avoiding light? Does she have fits?  Did you travel out recently?  Do you feel that her lips are dry, she cries without tears and her tongue is also dry?  What about her feeding?  Has she had similar experiences in the past?  Is she a healthy child normally?  Has she taken all her jobs upto date?

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