Mathematical Physics, Analysis and Geometry - Volume 13 by V. A. Marchenko, A. Boutet de Monvel, H. McKean (Editors)

By V. A. Marchenko, A. Boutet de Monvel, H. McKean (Editors)

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2) 34 N. Topsakal, R. Amirov where y (x) , z (x) := y1 (x) z2 (x) − y2 (x) z1 (x) . According to Liouville formula, ψ(x, k), ϕ(x, k) is not depend on x. 3) Clearly, for each x, functions ψ(x, k), ϕ(x, k) are entire in k and (k) = V (ϕ) = U (ψ) = ϕ1 (π, k) = ψ1 (0, k) . 4) By using representation of the function y(x, k) for the solution ϕ1 (x, k) : x 1 ϕ1 (x, k) = ϕ10 (x, k) + k K11 (x, t) sin ktdt 0 is obtained. 5) 0 where K11 (x, t) = K11 (x, t) − K11 (x, −t) . 6) and dn = α − cos k0n (2d − π ) + α + cos k0n π 2 .

Automatic Design of Directional Couplers. Sviaz, Moscow (1980) 24. : The Theory of Heterogeneous Lines and their Applications in Radio Engineering. Radio, Moscow (1964) (in Russian) 25. : Inverse problems for nonabsorbing media with discontinuous material properties. J. Math. Phys. 23(3), 396–404 (1982) 26. : The inverse problem of reconstruction of te medium’s conductivity in a class of discontinuous and increasing functions. Adv. Sov. Math. 19, 209–231 (1994) 27. : The effect of discontinuities in density and shear velocity on the asypmtotic overtone sturcture of toritonal eigenfrequencies of the Earth.

We note that this Combes-Thomas estimate is also true for the restriction of the operator − + V in a cube with Dirichlet, periodic, or Neumann boundary condition. Originally, CombesThomas inequality was proved in [13]. This estimate concerns the exponential decay estimate in the operator norm of the resolvent operator. Afterward, the estimate in the trace-class norm was improved in [2]. This decay estimate is very useful tool. In [10], the decay estimate for the second power of the resolvent in trace class norm has been also applied.

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