Fundamentals of Mathematical Evolutionary Genetics by Yuri M. Svirezhev, V.P. Passekov

By Yuri M. Svirezhev, V.P. Passekov

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Each of the partners with probability 112 produce one of the 26 Chapter 2 a a a {A;Ak}, gametes that make up their genotypes: gametes A; and Ak from gametes ~As and ~Aj from ~ {As"A j }. Fusion of these gametes produces a zygote, originating an organisms of the next generation. Consequently with probabilities 1/ 4 the offspring of the pair a{A;Ad, ~ {AsAj} contains genotypes {a A; ~ As}, {O'A;~Aj}' {O'Ak~As}, {O'Ak~Aj} or, dropping the symbols and ~, A;As, AIAj, AkAs, AkA j . ). To reflect the principal action of diploidy, we introduce a new numeration for all quantities related to genotypes: we use two indices instead of one.

Let the number of individuals with genotype {ij} at the end of the (t-I)st generation be Xij(t - I). sAxil (t-I), ... ,x;"(t-I)], i, k, s,j= 1, n. Suppose each such pair produces the same number of offspring, which is F. Senotypic groups is again characterized by the operator D{ Wi~Sj}, I, m= 1, n. 1) Taking into account that xi;,(t) are the offspring of individuals of the preceeding generation, we get xi;,{t) = FWlm ~ wl~sjmik,sj' i,k,s,j i, j, k, s, I, m = 1, n. i x·): IJ xij{t)= N Fw·· _ IJ ~xik(t-I)~x;j(t-l), (t-l) k s i, j, k, s, I, m = I, n.

10) over j, differentiating with respect to t and changing over to frequencies Pi and Uij, we get ""'DijUij - ddpi = Pi"", t =, ""'D "-1 "'" ijUijj, I, J n. 6). 5) for S{t). Hence, the hypothesis of local panmixia results in the same equations of evolution as the hypothesis of global panmixia. This result is quite natural, because different types of mating affect the evolution of a population only if the fecundity functions are different. 11. Semelparity: Models with Discrete Time Suppose the population can reproduce only once, at a fixed age T° '.

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