Framing Effects in Taxation: An Empirical Study Using the by Stefan Traub

By Stefan Traub

On October twenty fourth, 1994, the pro-government German newspaper 'Die Welt' stated that the Minister of family members Affairs, Mrs. Hannelore Ransch, member of the ruling Christian Democratic Union (CD U), withdrew her candidacy for a moment time period after serving a 4 yr time period. whereas Chancellor Helmut Kohl and different get together colleagues formally expressed their remorse for this movement, the conservative press brazenly introduced their reduction. A symbolic picture of Ransch was once released including the thing: within the heritage, course signs are discernable, one pointing to the 'emergency go out' and the opposite to the 'escape route'. What led as much as this situation? a few months prior to, Ransch had brought on off a typhoon of public indignation because of her thought to partially re­ position the current German child-benefit approach by way of 'tax fines for the childless'. To be particular, the minister's concept was once to relatively raise baby allowance and baby profit, and to invoice childless households for this degree, that's, childless and singles must have to payoff a tax surcharge christened 'Zu­ kunftsbeitrag' (,contribution to the future'). even though, purely the second one a part of her idea, the tax nice, made it to the headlines (compare, for examination­ ple, 'Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung', February nineteenth, 1994, and 'Die Welt', March twenty eighth, 1994).

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30 On the other hand, Tversky and Kahneman (1986, pp. 8266-8267) explicitly referred to research on perceptual illusions. The research on figureground relationships together with frame analysis made up key components of Gestalt psychology. The Gestalt psychologists surrounding Wertheimer and Kohler raised the fundamental question as to whether perception and judgment were isolated phenomena, or based on a stabilizing reference system taking shape out of the accumulation and organization of cultural and social experience (Hettlage, 1991, p.

237) called a frame of mind. Framing in Bateson's sense means that individuals exchange a set of messages and actions within a restricted time period. 35 The most striking attribute of Bateson's frames however is their metacommunicativeness, that is, frames do not only organize and simplify the messages exchanged but also provide instructions to their interpretation (pp. 254-255). First and foremost, we have to mention Gofi'man's (1981/1974) epochal work "Frame Analysis", in which Gofi'man explicitly builds on Bateson's work.

If x is small relative to -y than segregation will take place. Thaler refers to this as the 'silver lining' principle. If, on the other hand, x is relatively large, integration will be preferred since the large gain is likely to be valued less than the respective reduction of a loss. ), prospect theory has the undesirable feature that the weighting of outcomes can result in violations of stochastic dominance (Kahneman & Tversky, 1979, p. 283284). In order to immunize prospect theory against violations of transparent dominance, Kahneman and Tversky therefore assumed that dominated alternatives were detected and rejected without further evaluation in the course 8 Given reference point S, we would have V(XB) = v(20000) and V(XA) = v(10000)j given reference point T', we would arrive at V(XB) = v(30000) and V(XA) = v(20000).

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