FM 5-33 Terrain Analysis by United States Army

By United States Army

FM 5-33 Terrain research, very important details for comparing terrain for army operations.
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Controlled-level basins are either wet docks or half-tide basins. A wet dock is enclosed by a gate, caisson, or lock. It may be filled by naturally impounding water at each high tide or at spring tides only. Pumping plants may be provided for initial filling or for elevations of the water above that achieved by natural impounding. The half-tide basin has gates at each end and is used in much the same manner as a large leek to increase the enormous amount of water required to raise the water level.

Galleries and Snowsheds Built in rugged, mountainous terrain, these protective structures are not as common as bridges or tunnels. Galleries offer protection against snow and rock avalanches. They may be cut into the side of a cliff and have a natural overhang, or the cover may be a concrete slab, either of which guides the avalanche across the track or road. One side of a gallery is usually open. Snowsheds offer protection against snow accumulations and slides on exposed sections of the permanent way.

A gantry crane is a traveling crane on rails that consists of a hoist on a heavy cross girder supported at two points. Hoisting is performed by a trolley or crab that moves transversely along the bridge. Gantry cranes occasionally serve as a base for a jib crane, the latter being mounted on and capable of transverse movement along the bridge member. They are used extensively in shipyards for hull erection and in various industrial yards and shops for heavy lifting. They are almost always electrically operated.

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