Fighting Faer by Christine Warren

By Christine Warren

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You said this woman is a friend of Dmitri’s mate. ” Luc felt his eyes narrow into a glare. “Corinne is perfectly aware of the existence of more than humans in this world, but from all accounts, the idea doesn’t exactly thrill her. ” Rafe shook his head, his mouth curving up at one corner. “I wouldn’t go that far. She gives no evidence of hate, just wariness. She’s perfectly polite and friendly with Dmitri and Graham and the other pack members she’s met, as well as myself. ” He grinned. ” Luc snorted.

Besides,” he grinned, his toothpick bobbing, “you’re the one who went to all those Goth clubs a few months ago. ” “Well, you figured wrong. ” Hank gave a pointed look at the assignment sheet. “Ironically enough, that means I want you to have it. ” Closing her eyes on a sigh, Corinne laid the sheet down on top of a teetering pile of manila folders, yanked open her desk drawer and dug out a bottle of extra-strength aspirin. Shaking three little white tablets out onto her palm, she slammed them into the back of her throat and washed them down with a few gulps of cold coffee.

Fergus voiced the question Luc knew better than to ask. “The Others may be superior to the mortals they live among, but they can hardly be considered our equals, my Fergus,” the Queen sniffed, pointing her regal little nose at the ceiling. “Seoc could elude them forever if he so chose. No, it must be a Fae to catch a Fae. Besides which, the Others harbor a great fear of their secret being revealed should they take action. They believe the humans are not ready to acknowledge the truth of their existence, and I must say I agree on that point.

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