False colors (aka Masterpiece in Murder) by Richard Powell

By Richard Powell

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Not many painters today go in for that. You can get better effects when you grind your own colors, and you can be sure of what goes into the colors and how it will react over the years, but it's a lot of work and most modern painters don't want to bother. On one upper shelf I saw a lineup of wide-necked jars. Accardi kept his paints in them, covered with a little water, after he finished the grinding. None of this interested me very much, and I didn't want to hang around to meet any more local art collectors.

You telephoned me last night," Miss Krim said. "It was not easy to understand your words, but I gathered there was some urgent need to get in touch with Miss Vernon and call off the Accardi show. Then the phone connection was broken. I tried to call back and kept finding the line busy. I telephoned Miss Vernon. As you know, she lives on Delancey Place quite near Rittenhouse Square. I told her you sounded sick or hurt. She walked down here and saw that the lights were on, but she couldn't get an answer when she rang the bell.

She called me back. I came down in the middle of the night, all the way from Chestnut Hill—you will find a bill for my cab fare on your desk— and got the spare key from the office and in company with Miss Vernon entered your apartment. Please note, in company with Miss Vernon. " I muttered, remembering how dirty and rumpled my clothes must be. I looked down at myself. " I gasped. " Miss Krim said. "I suppose they're in the closet or wherever you hang them. I don't know how you got into your pajamas.

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