Exalted 01 A Day Dark As Night by Carl Bowen

By Carl Bowen

Within the identify of the Unconquered solar Harmonious Jade is among the deadliest girls within the mythical time that's the moment Age of guy. selected by way of the Unconquered solar itself, she has been remade right into a demigod whose bow can fell complete businesses of guys. With that exaltation, in spite of the fact that, have come echoes of historical stories and a feeling that she needs to use her presents for a better objective. Chasing those phantasms of a earlier lifestyles, she has come to the buying and selling urban of Nexus, the place others of her sort may well disguise. yet are they long-lost partners, lethal enemies, or worse - either? Exalted: an afternoon darkish as evening is the 1st in a brand new, limitless sequence of novels in line with the wildly profitable Exalted video game line.

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I’m per­ fectly fine. ” Jade flinched and pulled her hand back. ” Her lover growled and jumped to his feet. He stalked to the opposite edge of the crystal pad, and Jade rose and caught up to him before he could leap down. She took hold of his elbow, and he spun around to face her at last. When he did, Jade fell back a step in horror with a hand to her mouth. What stood before her was not her lover at all, but a desiccated corpse in her lover’s clothes. Hateful, demonic fire burned in its eyes, and black blood seeped from its forehead from a ring where his caste mark should have burned.

The archer barely blocked it with his elbow and backed off a step to regain his footing and composure. Jade flowed forward with him, and the two of them traded lightning-fast jabs and open-palm blocks. Each tried to maneuver the other into an over-extension that could turn a simple block into a disabling joint lock, but neither fighter fell for it. The tangle finally ended when the black archer backed away in a quick quarter-circle and snaked his ankle around the leg of a wooden stool. He swept it around his body toward Jade’s knees then kicked it at her, and she had to twist sharply to avoid a crippling blow.

Before she could say a word of protest, the Disciple of the Seven Forbidden Wisdoms leapt into the night and disappeared. Curse it all, Harmonious Jade thought. What did I just let happen? I’m smarter than this. What is it about that man that steals my wits? I don’t even know him. Except in those moments when I do… After she returned to her rented room to sleep, Jade dreamed of her life in the First Age. It was one of the clearest dreams she had ever had of that period, even though she experienced it as her current self rather than her prior self.

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