Electric Vehicles – The Benefits and Barriers by Edited by: Seref Soylu

By Edited by: Seref Soylu

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Their study suggests that a 50 per cent reduction in road transport emissions as a result of using more electric vehicles will result in a cooling effect on the climate. Their conclusion is based on different combinations of the warming and cooling effects due to the contribution of road transport and power plants to climate change by emitting long-lived CO2 and short-lived pollutants. Non-CO2, short-lived pollutants also contribute to air pollution and include ground-level ozone and the fine aerosol particles: sulphates, organic carbon and black carbon.

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Low top speed relative to gasoline vehicles is also a disadvantage. An important attribute of electric vehicles is a relatively high peak power capability for short bursts of a few seconds. However, the peak power level tends to be much higher than the sustainable power. The storage disadvantage of EVs becomes much less important when the vehicles are driven at low average speeds within urban areas. At such speeds, it can take a long time to deplete the battery pack. Further, as average speed declines, the average energy requirement per hour of operation drops off considerably more rapidly than for conventional gasoline and diesel engines, extending the hours that can be driven on a full charge.

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