Einfuehrung in die Programmierung mit Haskell by Chakravarty M.M.T., Keller G.C.

By Chakravarty M.M.T., Keller G.C.

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Informatik kompakt: Eine grundlegende Einfuhrung mit Java

Die Autoren geben eine fundierte Einf? hrung in die Informatik, die von Anfang an die Zusammenh? nge zwischen den Teilgebieten des Faches betont. Das Buch ist kompakt, weil der gemeinsame Kern der verschiedenen Informatikgebiete betrachtet wird. In einer integrativen Sichtweise werden Modellierung, abstrakte Datentypen, Algorithmen sowie nebenl?

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HTML5 ist die neueste model der Markup-Sprache, die das internet noch einmal gehörig auf den Kopf stellt. Obwohl die Entwicklung noch nicht abgeschlossen ist, werden viele HTML5-Elemente von modernen Browsern schon jetzt unterstützt. Zeit additionally, die Neuerungen zu erkunden und sich healthy für die Zukunft zu machen.

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However, in many cases, complexity can be avoided elegantly. For example, consider the following scenario: “Our application synchronizes photos and other media between the user’s phone and his social networking accounts, typically in batches of hundreds of files. Files range in size from 100 KB to 200 MB, distributed more or less evenly across the range. Because of the potentially large files involved, sometimes it takes a long time before files appear either on the Web or on the device (depending on sync direction), especially when large files are involved, and users start to become worried.

This approach makes using events easy as pie. ADD_CONTACT, contactObject ); Handling events is another matter altogether, and quite a more complex one, spanning many areas of the framework and of the application. We will need event listeners to respond to them (which are up next), event controllers to dispatch events to the listeners, event controller managers to bundle together event controllers (this is done for practical reasons), and a way to have event controller managers run on their own independent threads, so as not to interfere with the rest of CHAPTER 2: A Java ME Framework the application.

Our approach makes sure that only the events that are already in the queue are processed in the current time frame, while events added in the current time frame will be processed in the next one. Not handling this properly is a very frequent mistake in event-based systems. NOTE: This chapter has a sample application near the end that is great for exemplifying this issue. To see the difference between using hasMoreEvents() and using currentEventCount(), run that application using both approaches.

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