Dragon Ours by Joyee Flynn

By Joyee Flynn

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Yes, but it doesn’t matter,” Todd replied as he moved away from the bed slowly. “I can’t have any of you. ” Quicker than Bryce could reply, Todd was gone. He stared after the dragon, wondering what the fuck was going on as he started to 32 Joyee Flynn feel his eyelids get heavy. It seemed he was going to sleep now, but he wasn’t going to let this go. It was one thing if Todd didn’t want them, but he did. So why couldn’t Todd just let himself be happy? Dragon Ours 33 Chapter 3 “Gabriel, I was wrong.

Bryce snickered. “Bryce, this is important. ” “Every time you kiss me or touch me, I keep feeling this need for you to bite me,” Bryce answered, not sure what was going on. “I’ll take you back to bed,” Todd replied, his tone going cold as he stood up with Bryce in his arms. ” Bryce asked, completely confused what the fuck just happened and why the change in Todd. “Nothing. You didn’t do anything wrong. I forgave you already,” Todd answered as they entered the bedroom. ” Bryce whined, annoyed with himself for sounding so needy, but it was how he felt.

He needed to use the bathroom and tried to scoot out of the bed, smiling when Todd tightened his arm around Dylan’s shoulders. Extracting himself from the large man’s embrace, Dylan smiled as he gently got off the bed. The three of them made such a peacefullooking picture he could stare at them all day if he didn’t have to pee. Waddling gently on his cast, Dylan did his best not to wake anyone as he got into the bathroom. After relieving himself and washing his hands, Dylan checked out the large tub he used with Todd.

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