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A model is a visible object that makes use of a model resource and occupies a specific position and orientation with the 3D world. The model also defines the appearance of the model resource, such as what textures and shaders are used. For more information, see “Working with Models and Model Resources” on page 87. The relationship between a model and a model resource is similar to that between a sprite and a cast member. Model resource data can be reused, because multiple models can use the same model resource, just as cast member data can be reused by multiple sprites.

For more detailed information, see “The 3D Cast Member” on page 75. Each 3D cast member contains a complete 3D world. It can contain models (the objects viewers see within the world) that are illuminated by lights and viewed by cameras. A sprite of a 3D cast member represents a specific camera’s view into the world. Imagine that the 3D cast member is a room filled with furniture with cameras pointing in from several windows. A given sprite using that cast member will display the view from one of those cameras, but the room itself—the 3D cast member—remains the same regardless of which view is being used.

This option is available for Windows only. • 52 Chapter 2 #software: Director’s built-in software renderer is used. This option is available on both the Macintosh and Windows platforms. The rendering method can have a dramatic effect on performance. If your hardware permits you to choose different methods, you can do so using the following procedure. To choose a rendering method: 1 Select the Stage. 2 Open the Property Inspector. 3 Click the Movie tab. 4 Select a rendering method from the pop-up menu.

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