Delphi for Windows by Borland International

By Borland International

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Tip You can copy text from other Windows applications (such as the Notepad text editor) and paste it into the SQL Statement area with Ctrl+V. You can also copy statements from the ISQL Output area by highlighting them and pressing Ctrl+C. You can then paste them into the SQL Statement area with Ctrl+V. When an SQL statement is executed (whether successfully or not), it becomes part of the ISQL command history, a sequential list of SQL statements entered in the current session. The current statement is the statement displayed in the SQL Statement area.

The following table summarizes the items that can be displayed. Table 4-3: Metadata Information Items Item DIsplays Check... Check constraints for the specified table. Specify table name in the Object Name field. Database Current database’s file name, page size and allocation, and sweep interval. Do not specify an Object Name. Domain Names of all domains in the database (with no Object Name). Name and data type of the domain given as Object Name. Exception Names of all exceptions in the database, their associated messages, and the names of triggers and stored procedures which use them (with no Object Name).

Choice of character set limits possible collation orders to a subset of all available collation orders. Given a character set, a collation order can be specified when data is selected, inserted, or updated in a column. You can perform the same function in an SQL script with the SET NAMES command. Use SET NAMES before connecting to the database whose character set you want to specify. Displaying Settings To display all the current ISQL settings, choose Session | Display Settings.... The basic settings and selected advanced settings will be displayed in the ISQL Output area.

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