Cut and run by Ridley Pearson

By Ridley Pearson

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Once into WITSEC, there was no going back, no reconnection to one’s past. It was a case of self-invoked amnesia. Suddenly it seemed to Larson that on so many levels they barely knew each other. Could he make this decision without thinking it through, without a chance to say some important good-byes? Adding to the difficulty was his insider’s knowledge of how difficult—impossible—WITSEC could be on the protected witness. Even the most hardened criminal cracked when shut off from all contact with family members.

Sounds echoed. Again he smelled the tangy air, laced with black powder and sulfur. Bitter with blood. His stomach retched. He felt as if he were being pushed and held underwater—dark water—by a strong, determined hand. He resisted, but felt himself going. Deeper. His last conscious thought was more of a vision: not an infinity sign at all, but two triangles facing inward, touching, point-to-point. Like a bow tie. CHAPTER ONE THE PRESENT Of all things, Larson thought he recognized her laugh. Here, where he least expected it.

Relief swept through him. He thought this was probably how “people close to the investigation” leaked things to the media. You didn’t have to say things to say things. You could let them speak for themselves. He was somewhat new to this. “Who else did this geezer consult for besides these three universities? ” “Romeros,” Hampton said. ” “Colder. ” The inflection was gone. Hampton had made it a statement. “Wait! ” Pure poetry. Larson knew Hampton would see the full scope of it now. They were not pursuing some old man who was missing his college lectures but—if Hampton was able to take it one step further—the man behind the Laena list, the lives of more than two thousand protected witnesses and their five thousand dependents.

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