Crafts for Kwanzaa by Kathy Ross

By Kathy Ross

Symbols of the African-American vacation of Kwanzaa - together with harvest fruit and veggies, the Kwanzaa cup and candles, and the mkeka mat - are the root of a few of the twenty tasks during this targeted booklet. Guided by way of colourful illustrations and utilizing fabrics which are on hand, even children may be in a position to make those effortless crafts for a Kwanzaa party that's really specified.

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Cover the outside (printed side) of the flaps with glue. Slide the circle down to the bottom of the band so that when you turn it over the print is on the outside of the hat. 45 Sand Beads African women wear beautiful beads. Make some beads of your own to wear or give as a gift. Here is what you do: Here is what you need: Mix the sand and glue in the plastic tub. Pinch off enough sand dough to roll a bead in the size you want. With the nail, poke a hole through the center for stringing. If the dough is too soft to hold the hole, add more sand until it is stiff enough so that the hole does not collapse.

Kwanzaa Memory Book Make a memory book for photographs and drawings of your Kwanzaa celebration. This book would make a nice Kwanzaa gift. Here is what you do: Here is what you need: brown paper grocery bag 6 to 12 zipper-close plastic bags (gallon-size) red, black, and green construction paper scissors hole punch pipe cleaner markers 32 The plastic bags will be the pages of your book. Stack them so that the bottoms of the bags are on your left. From the brown paper bag, cut a cover that folds around the plastic bags to form both the front and back of the book.

Stick the toothpick in a cupcake, roll, or piece of fruit to make the flag stand. 37 Flag Pin Here is what you need: Here is what you do: Use markers to color seven toothpicks red, seven black, and seven green. 21 toothpicks red, black, and green markers white glue 2 plastic lids from margarine tubs or coffee cans masking tape safety pin scissors 38 Place the seven red toothpicks on one plastic lid to form a red band. Next put the seven black ones, and then the seven green ones. Squeeze white glue all over the square shape formed by the toothpicks.

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