The Cosmic Code: Book VI of the Earth Chronicles by Zecharia Sitchin

By Zecharia Sitchin

Many hundreds of thousands of years in the past, a gaggle of extraterrestrials from one other planet guided the evolution of existence on Earth—determining the lifestyles and nature of humankind as we all know it this day. How did the grasp developers from the celebs build the miracle known as guy? Is the DNA that's on the center of all lifestyles within the universe a "cosmic code" that hyperlinks Earth to heaven and guy to God? during this 6th quantity of The Earth Chronicles, Zecharia Sitchin unveils writings from the earlier to decipher prophesies, and divulges how the DNA-matched Hebrew alphabet and the numerical values of its letters function a code that bares the secrets and techniques of mortal man’s destiny and mankind’s celestial future.

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NA. " This was a concept that was recorded in Egypt in the Book of the Dead; it was a belief that one's hope for an eternal afterlife depends on the weighing of his heart on the Day of Judgment. The scene was magnificently depicted on the Papyrus of Ani, where the god Anubis is shown weighing the heart in a balance and the god Thoth, the Divine Scribe, recording the result on a pallet (Fig. 16). An unsolved puzzle in Jewish traditions is why the biblical Lord had chosen the seventh month, Tishrei, as the month in which the Hebrew New Year was to begin, rather than starting it in the month counted in Mesopotamia as the first month.

The possibility that he was sent back to Nibiru (the Egyptians called it Planet of Millions of Years) cannot be ruled out. " The fact that one segment of the absence, that of demigods, lasted 3,650 years—almost exactly the average 3,600 years of Nibiru's orbit—strongly suggests that that is where Ra/Marduk spent his absence from Earth. Texts, both Egyptian and Mesopotamian, that describe a tough space journey that became especially perilous near Saturn, may well have dealt with Ra/ Marduk's return voyage to Earth.

But the gold was still needed for survival; so how would it be obtained? At the moment of impasse, Enki sprang on the Anunnaki leadership his astounding suggestion: Let us. he said, create a Primitive Worker who shall be capable of doing the work! When the amazed Council of the Gods asked how a new being could be created, Enki explained that the being he had in mind "already exists"—a hominid that had evolved on Earth, but had not yet reached the evolutionary stage of the Anunnaki. All we have to do, he said, is to "put the mark of the gods" on them—to alter them genetically to resemble the Anunnaki.

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