Illinois Classical Studies - Volume 1 by Miroslav Marcovich

By Miroslav Marcovich

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In the meantime the problem as to the passage of the Phaedrus has become more complicated. L. Edelstein^ eliminated it by changing the interpretation of the expression to oXov, as had been done previously by some scholars and long ago by Hermias. " Thus they understood the passage mean "it is not possible to know the nature of the soul or of the body to without knowing the nature of the universe. "^ Edelstein, however, was of W. H. Jones, Proceed. Ancient Greece, Baltimore, 1946, 16 note 62 below).

Discusses Edelstein's dialogue (compare Pohlenz, Hippokrates 114, n. , 1854; Ilberg, loc. ; i p. 55, 16; K. Lehrs, ; 53, 26. Littre, 1, 298 ff. Hier. , 1869; and Neue Jahrb. 13, 1904, 406; Gomperz C. , 1914, 139 f, 131; and Inhaltsdarstellung, Jahresber. e. , 1913-1914, 13 {Platon 2, 40); 218 f compare view within the frame of the entire to p. 75). i M. hellenische H. v. Pohlenz, Herm. ; Arnim, ff. ); Wilamowitz, Platon Der 462; 256; passim; F. Uberweg and K. , 1926, 282; J. , 1928, 248; Wellmann, Herm.

Morrison, Class. , N. S. 8, 1958, 216; G. Cambiano, Riv. Files. 57, 1966, 284 ff. (compare note 32 below); also H. , who accepts 11. a. t. as genuine (on p. 39) with Ed. Meyer, 210 f (4, i5, 846, i 851 f ). See H. Herter, Sudh. Arch. , 1975, 199, 87). Hellwig 182, 14a (sub a and b). (Diss. , 1904), Gesch. d. Alt. 4, 207; {Kleine Schriften, '^n. a. was proposed by Ermerins (1839) and Chr. Petersen, T. V. , sect. 3) ; 11. va. avdp. was suggested by F. S. i, Epid. I Meixner, Neue Priifung Reihenfolge sdmmllicher Schriften Hippokrates des Grossen W.

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