Classic Papers in Genetics by James Arthur Peters

By James Arthur Peters

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Non further experiment to be The obvious cyto- permanently. phenomeby Bateson in the logical explanation of such a 18 Cf. " ^^ Division of the egg without fusion of the pronuclei is a well-known phenomenon having been observed in eggs treated with chloral (Hertwig brothers) or ether (Wilson) and may be supposed to occur under certain unusual conditions in nature. In the experiments mentioned, however, both pronuclei continue to divide separately, while for a cytological explanation of the occurrence of "false hybrids" it is necessary to conceive not only the failure of the nuclei to copulate but the entire disappearance of one of them.

In ver- as in two tebrates, parallel longitudinal the forerunners of the two foldivisions, appear in the chro- lowing mosomes of the primary spermatocyte Both being longitudinal, they have been described as equation divisions, but if it shall be found possible to trace one to the original line of union of the two spermatogonial that division must be conceived true reduction. A as a number of observa- supporting this view will be brought forward in my forthcoming work on Brachystola. A^ain, if the normal course of inheritance depends upon the accurate chromatin-division accomplished by mitosis, it would appear that the interjection, into any part of the germ tions cycle, of the gross processes of amitosis could result only in a radical deviation that normal course.

231-251. jgs ahiost simnltajieoiisly. iced in this paper by Sutton was the same year. " this paper. It repreSutton does not provide any original data of the century. itribution from that seeji iji the first two papers in this collection, which are priinarily aiialyses of research sejits a results. iew as vital as research itself in biological progress. id syjithesis of several diverse groups of facts. j the fields of cytology and the kind of contribution one. iked, many research methods have developed to handle mutual problems, and Sutton's paper can be considered the begmning of the field called cytoshared.

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