Chromosome Aberrations (Reprint of Cytogenetic and Genome by G. Obe (Editor), A. T. Natarajan (Editor)

By G. Obe (Editor), A. T. Natarajan (Editor)

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The frequencies in the Ku70-deficient cells were not significantly different from those of the isogenic parental DT40 cells, indicating that the NHEJ pathway was not a significant determinant of the spontaneous and MMCinduced SCEs and CAs. The frequencies of the spontaneous CAs were significantly elevated in all cell lines deficient in Cytogenet Genome Res 104:28–34 (2004) 29 Fig. 1. The frequencies of CAs and SCEs in untreated and MMC-treated DT40 cells with different genetic background. (A) CAs.

Relationship between MMC-induced SCEs and CAs. The netinduced frequency of CAs is plotted against the net-induced frequency of SCEs. The dotted line shows a 1:1 correlation or equivalent reduction. the HR genes, namely, Rad54–/–, Rad51B–/–, Rad51C–/–, Rad51D–/–, Xrcc2–/– and Xrcc3–/– cells. Thus, impaired HR constitutes the genetic basis of the chromosomal instability. However, the effects of HR deficiency on MMC-induced CAs, and spontaneous and MMC-induced SCEs were different among the mutants.

Hum Mol Genet 12:2503–2510 (2003). Ivanov EL, Korolev VG, Fabre F: XRS2, a DNA repair gene of Saccharomyces cerevisiae, is needed for meiotic recombination. Genetics 132:651–664 (1992). Joenje H, Patel KJ: The emerging genetic and molecular basis of Fanconi anaemia. Nature Rev Genet 2:446–457 (2001). Kanaar R, Hoeijmakers JH, Van Gent DC: Molecular mechanisms of DNA double strand break repair. Trends Cell Biol 8:483–489 (1998). Kano Y, Fujiwara Y: Role of DNA interstrand crosslinking and its repair in the induction of sisterchromatid exchange and a higher induction in Fanconi’s anemia cells.

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