C++ Programming Fundamentals by Chuck Easttom

By Chuck Easttom

This article teaches rookies the fundamentals of C++ programming with out assuming prior event in the other language. It features a number of examples corresponding to online game programming, grade monitoring and ordinary calculation to make studying C++ enjoyable and beneficial.

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It would be rare for you to need to work with arrays of higher dimensions. Perhaps it would be useful for you to see an actual two-dimensional array in action. This example will use a 4 by 7 float. This represents 4 weeks, at 7 days per week, and the temperatures recorded on each day. This single, two-dimensional array can store the temperatures measured for 28 consecutive days. cpp. week 1 day 1"; week 1 day 2"; week 1 day 3"; week 1 day 4"; week 1 day 5"; week 1 day 6"; week 1 day 7"; week 2 day 1"; week 2 day 2"; Chapter 3: Arrays, Strings, and Bitwise Operations 31 32 Chapter 3: Arrays, Strings, and Bitwise Operations cin >> monthlytemps[1][1]; cout << "Enter the temp for cin >> monthlytemps[1][2]; cout << "Enter the temp for cin >> monthlytemps[1][3]; cout << "Enter the temp for cin >> monthlytemps[1][4]; cout << "Enter the temp for cin >> monthlytemps[1][5]; cout << "Enter the temp for cin >> monthlytemps[1][6]; cout << "Enter the temp for cin >> monthlytemps[3][0]; cout << "Enter the temp for cin >> monthlytemps[3][1]; cout << "Enter the temp for cin >> monthlytemps[3][2]; cout << "Enter the temp for cin >> monthlytemps[3][3]; cout << "Enter the temp for cin >> monthlytemps[3][4]; cout << "Enter the temp for cin >> monthlytemps[3][5]; cout << "Enter the temp for cin >> monthlytemps[3][6]; cout << "Enter the temp for cin >> monthlytemps[4][0]; cout << "Enter the temp for cin >> monthlytemps[4][1]; cout << "Enter the temp for cin >> monthlytemps[4][2]; cout << "Enter the temp for cin >> monthlytemps[4][3]; cout << "Enter the temp for cin >> monthlytemps[4][4]; cout << "Enter the temp for cin >> monthlytemps[4][5]; cout << "Enter the temp for cin >> monthlytemps[4][6]; return 0; }// end of main week 2 day 3"; week 2 day 4"; week 2 day 5"; week 2 day 6"; week 2 day 7"; week 3 day 1"; week 3 day 2"; week 3 day 3"; week 3 day 4"; week 3 day 5"; week 3 day 6"; week 3 day 7"; week 4 day 1"; week 4 day 2"; week 4 day 3"; week 4 day 4"; week 4 day 5"; week 4 day 6"; week 4 day 7"; Step 2: Compile and run the program.

Include This header file includes a lot of math functions that are very useful. 2. 2: Math Functions Function double cos(double); double sin(double); double tan(double); double log(double); Purpose This function takes an angle (as a double) and returns the cosine. This function takes an angle (as a double) and returns the sine. This function takes an angle (as a double) and returns the tangent. This function takes a number and returns the natural log of that number. double pow(double, double); With this function, you pass it two numbers.

If some condition is true, execute the first block of code. If that condition is not true, then execute the second block of code. This is a very common programming situation, and if statements exist in all programming languages, although their implementations may differ. if statements are a fundamental part of programming. Most programming tasks can, at some level, be reduced to &"para">It is possible to have if statements and else statements without enclosing the blocks of code with brackets, if and only if the code block consists of one line of code.

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