Birds of Australia A Photographic Guide by Iain Campbell; Sam Woods; Nick Leseberg;

By Iain Campbell; Sam Woods; Nick Leseberg;

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Imm. 5in Malleefowl is a megapode, a member of the Megapodiidae, a family of birds also known as moundbuilders. It builds a large earth mound, in which it lays its eggs, and lets rotting vegetation provide the heat to incubate them. It moderates the temperature by regularly adding and removing vegetation over the eggs. If seen well, Malleefowl is easy to identify: cryptically marked above with intricate chestnut, white, and black markings across the upperparts, though much plainer and pale below, with a distinctive black stripe running down the throat to breast.

If the bird is seen out of the water or flying, the white patch on the underside is obvious. Also in flight, the combination of white underwing and an upperwing with the trailing half white fringed in black makes identification easy. Although Hardhead is sometimes called White-eyed Duck, only the male has a white eye; the female’s eye is dark. This common duck is found on a wide variety of deep still waters throughout most coastal and semi-arid regions of Australia. It can also be found in coastal swamps and suburban wetlands.

Australia. Intense sheep farming is concentrated in the s. , the Great Dividing Range and its inland w. slopes), while the significantly less intense cattle farming is concentrated within the inland of the north. Dairy farming is limited to humid coastal regions throughout the south-east, south-west, and the Wet Tropics of QLD. These modified habitats are important to the birder, as almost anywhere outside of urban or protected areas of sub-coastal and inland n. Australia are cattle concessions.

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