Authority and transgression in literature and film by Bonnie Braendlin, Hans Braendlin

By Bonnie Braendlin, Hans Braendlin

Recognized students within the fields of literature and movie tackle the problems of authority and transgression as sociocultural phenomena, discussing such themes as female and male sexuality, socioeconomic formations, historical past and fantasy, the relative strength of fictionality, style, canon formation, cinematic conventions, and conventions of educational discourse.  

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15 The most handsome man in the bar is O, whose name evokes and reverses The Story of O. He falls in love with a younger man, as beautiful as he, the eponymous Boy. Their passionate relationship is both frame and medium through which Bartlett explores the multiple meanings and histories of gay male desire, its power and plasticity, and the tensions between transgressions and domesticity. Indeed, in much gay and lesbian writing, sexual passionits energy and eruptive force, its bliss, its ability to play at gender or to burn gender awaymakes a mockery of conventional heterosexualities.

The leadership of District 24 answered that it remained unmollified. I have now read both Heather Has Two Mommies and Daddy's Roommate. They are not only documents in the contemporary American wars about sexuality but also documents in the far bigger history of literature and transgression. 6This linguistic root reveals that transgression is a common, basic fact of life. Being born crosses the border between womb and nonwomb. Dying crosses the border between human space and nonhuman space. The question is not whether humans are a transgressive species but what meanings we assign to various specific "transgressive" acts and the ways in which we act on these meanings and enforce them.

She called herself "Sister Outsider," a family member and a stranger to ordinary discourse and intercourse. I thank her for another litany for survival. Notes 1. This movement includes not only the conventional literary genres (poems, plays, film and video scripts, novels, stories) but also theory, criticism, and scholarship. 2. New York Times, December l, 1992, B-3. 3. One of the running jokes in William Burroughs's Naked Lunch is the pun on Queens, as a borough and as a gay male identity/role.

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