Atlas of the Human Brain (2nd Edition) by Juergen K. Mai, George Paxinos, Joseph K. Assheuer

By Juergen K. Mai, George Paxinos, Joseph K. Assheuer

This is often the second one variation of this very winning Atlas that got the Award of Excellence from the yankee organization of Publishers and is the top of the line for human mind atlases. the hot variation is totally redesigned, with extra magnetic resonance photographs, line drawings, and an largely increased component of coronal photographs. The variety of hemisphere sections has been doubled, and all planes of sections are actually to be had in 3-D types positioned in the Talairach house. The layout of the atlas has been enlarged and the knowledge reorganized at the web page for more desirable performance. The thoroughly revised and redesigned CD-ROM now comes common with the ebook.

New to this Edition:
* Employs higher layout for less complicated appreciation of delineations
* Shadings and moment colour make the road drawings more uncomplicated to interpret
* exhibits the process significant blood vessels at the radiograms in addition to the vascular domain names of the mind arteries
* The myeloarchitectonic atlas includes sixty nine coronal diagrams depicting the total hemisphere (cortex and subcortex)
* Mounts the drawings into the Talairach area

Additional fabric at the CD-ROM:
Macroscopic atlas:
* complete colour anatomical sections
* Drawings of anatomical sections coloured for various tissues
* 3D visualization of MRI
Myeloarchitectonic atlas:
* contains unique myelin stained sections, permitting overlay of delineations
* hyperlinks from myelin stained sections to Nissl stains
* offers all correct literature relating the represented mind in complete textual content, besides the figures and seek performance

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Extra info for Atlas of the Human Brain (2nd Edition)

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These heavy T2 weighted images highlight fluid-containing structures. Note that artificial fluid collections are visible in the nasal and paranasal cavities. The top panel presents the sagittal MRIs and specifies the planes of sectioning of the middle and lower panel. Orientation of these MRIs was based on the brainstem axis. Therefore the orientation of the coronal MRIs in the lower panel corresponds to the plane of cryo-sectioning of the head and direct comparisons can be made with photographs and diagrams of the following pages.

2003 13:01 Seite 33 OOrM 14 15 Max fac LAngO GZgM (dorsal view) pal IncC (dorsal view) facv tongue SCM bucn StyGl PlGl StyPh all LgCoM SCGn SCGn occ DiM Par MPtgM Uv 9n LgCaM 12n 10n 10n 12n Axis vert StyHy ScalM StM SpCeM LgsCeM 11n v InTrM Vert3 LScM Mult LgsCaM LgsCaM SSpCe LScM SpCaM SpM dpc SSpM TzM GZgM BucM HyGl ialv MasM MyHy StyGl Man apal SMGl StyHy Plat Ly S/MCM fac 12n LgCo ictd StM ectd 9n aph Ly sln Vert3 ScalM ijugv 10n SpCeM Symp 11n InTrM SpCeM LScM SSpM Vert4 ISM LgsCaM SSpCe SpCaM LScM Mult LgsCaM LgsCeT * 9n 10n 11n 12n all apal aph Axis BucM bucn DiM dpc ectd fac facv gocn GZgM HyGl ialn ialv ictd ijugv IncC InTrM ISM LAngO LgCaM LgCoM LgsCaM LgsCeM LgsCeT ling LScM Man MAsM Max MPtgM MScalM MulM Mult MyHy nuf occ OOrM pal PalG papx Par Plat PlGl ptdd rmv S/MCM ScalM SCGn SCM sln SMG SpAx SpCaM SpCeM sphn SpM SSpM SSpCe StM StyGl Vert3 styloglossus, stylohyoideus, stylopharyngeus muscles glossopharyngeal nerve vagus nerve accessory nerve hypoglossal nerve anterior longitudinal ligament ascending palatine artery ascending pharyngeal artery axis buccinator muscle buccal nerve digastric muscle deep cervical artery and vein external carotid artery facial artery facial vein greater occipital nerve greater zygomatic muscle hyoglossus muscle inferior alveolar artery inferior alveolar artery, vein, nerve internal carotid artery internal jugular vein incisive canal w.

2003 11:51 Seite 3 Surface views of the left hemisphere of the brain which has been sectioned in the coronal plane (-20° angulation) as indicated. The drawing of the midsagittal view has been mirror-imaged in order to help identifying structures which lie in the same plane of sectioning with regard to the lateral and median view. 2003 11:52 Seite 4 VCA VCA ICL Surface views of the brain which is shown in the subsequent pages. The most important gyri are delineated. The midsagittal views depict the brain with the Talairach space.

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