An Inconvenient Obsession by Natasha Tate

By Natasha Tate

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This place felt old. Stuffy. It brought all his youthful insecurities to light, inciting feelings he hadn’t entertained for years. As if he weren’t good enough. Still. ” He rolled his shoulders, relaxed his jaw and strode toward the wall of black windows, staring sightlessly past his own reflection in the black glass. He had nothing to worry about. He was the one with the power now. He was the one who’d win. Hell, given time, he could see the entire Carrington building razed if he wanted, and there was nothing Cate or her father could do about it.

Oh, he has not,” Cate protested, even though she knew he had. She hid her quivering lips against the rim of her champagne flute, unwilling to subject herself to Janine’s perceptive observations, and took a steadying swallow. She then gestured casually toward the display of auction items. “I think we’re going to surpass last year’s total. ” Cate caught sight of Ethan’s profile in her peripheral vision, and Janine’s reply registered as garbled white noise. She told herself to focus on the conversation, reminding herself that Ethan was just another wealthy guest at the auction.

Cate looked diminished by the overt masculinity of it somehow, as if the mere shadow of her father were enough to make her inner light wane. “I like the room the way it is,” she insisted, her small chin angled up defensively. ” She said it like it was a good thing. Which it most definitely was not. For a moment, Ethan felt transported back in time, brought to stand as an intimidated suppliant before this very desk while a seated Carrington grilled him, upbraided him and meted out his thinly veiled threats.

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