Alien Initiations: The Planetary Tale in Myth and Prophecy by Harald Kleemann

By Harald Kleemann

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If it were otherwise, a few friendly explanations ought to suffice to solve all problems of the human condition forever, and the essential charter of the UN and similar bodies would be vindicated. Yet it is evident that this does not obtain. While it may be argued that the human race, as a whole, has not yet attained to rationality, the prognosis cognate is nevertheless dubious. The reason, tending to ultimate scepticism, cannot advance a single positive proposition. A trans-rational object of necessity takes precedence in the skies of human imagination.

And because all stories are true, it is equally true that none are true. It is difficult to speak of universal and abiding truths, not because one meets with serious opposition, but because one is likely to be regarded with an indulgent smile. Does humanity have an essential story? And if so, who is the author? Is that story a cosmic given, or do individuals provide the input with their everyday actions and decision? What kind of story is it anyway? An heroic 47 of 338 ALIEN INITIATIONS Harald Kleemann 2003 quest?

What this means is that an inmost seed or archetype informs the mind the human soul and structures the sensible universe. Ideally this is the archangelic logos, the intelligence of nature, which, though mediated through cultural forms, disposes a people toward its authentic nature and destiny. In an age, however, which mindset necessarily informed of something. Here the spiritual polarities, reflected in mythic and religious lore are reduced to the notional conflict between the original and authentic versus the contrived, the insinuating, the subversive and evil.

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