Advancing the Technology of Bileaflet Mechanical Heart by Priv.-Doz. Dr. Dieter Horstkotte FESC, C. Piper, M. Wiemer,

By Priv.-Doz. Dr. Dieter Horstkotte FESC, C. Piper, M. Wiemer, H. P. Schultheiss (auth.), Prof. Dr. med. Arno Krian, Dr. J. M. Matloff, Dr. D. M. Nicoloff (eds.)

Over the last 15 years, mechanical valves, and specifically, bileaflet mechanical valves, have made enormous strides in sturdiness and hemodynamic in keeping with- formance. in spite of the fact that, biocompatibility when it comes to thrombo- embolism, thrombosis, and hemolysis has remained a space the place development is required. "New improvement in Bileaflet Mechanical center Valve" discusses advances in those very important components of prosthetic valve functionality and offers medical event with a brand new open pivot, bileaflet mechanical valve.

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All others were kept at our standard regime with the international normalized ratio (1. 5 (6, 20). During follow-up, patients were studied by echo cardiography on the 7th day, the 6th month, and every year by the same team of cardiologists. For the first Fig. 3. Postoperative NYHA Functional Class for different groups of all ATS patients 29 30 G. van Nooten et al. Table 4. 6 (±1. 46 ( ± 1. -13 (± I. (9) p = ns between groups year, we routinely, controlled the coagulation status, serum haptoglobins (Table 4), and reticulocytes in our institution the first week, 6 months, and 1 year after operation.

Nair CK, Mohiuddin SM, Hikkeman DE et al. (1990) Ten-year results with the St. Jude Medical prosthesis. Am J Cardiol65: 217-225 11. McGrath LB, Gonzalez-Lavin L, Eldridge WJ, Colombi M, Restrepo D (1987) Thromboemboli and other events following valve replacement in a pediatric population treated with antiplatelet agents. Ann Thorac Surg 43: 285-287 12. ShionoM, Kashiwazaki S, Orime Y, HataH, YagiS, Tsukamoto S, Okumura H, Sekino H, Koujima T, Shindo S, Sezai Y (1995) Emergency valve replacement for thrombosed St.

1). Regarding this presentation, the attention should be focussed on the number of valvular operations, which reflect the special interest and experience of the clinic as well (Fig. 2). Despite remarkable advantages in the development of mechanical heart valves (15), there are still limiting factors of the overall success of valve replacement, especially the problems of thrombosis, thromboembolism, and anticoagulant related bleeding (7). This is true even for the bileaflet valves, which have been in clinical use for nearly twenty years (4, 6).

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