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Studio Fit is an intimate, privately owned studio dedicated to the goals and commitments of our clients. The unique one-to-one environment allows us to support healthy lifestyle goals that are realistic and reachable. Come see us and we will help you find a solution to a healthier, more fit, and more powerful YOU!

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Client Testimonials:

We all have reasons why we don’t exercise: it’s my job, it’s my children, there’s no time, I’m overweight, it’s my knees and/or my hip. But there comes a moment when we have to admit we NEED that “just for me” time. I had that moment five years ago when I saw the Studio Fit sign. So I took a deep breathe, walked in and said, “I need some help.” With the guidance of personal trainer Gayle Muller I was on my way!

“Gayle is really nice and her approach made even me (who has avoided gyms all my life) feel very comfortable. Her guidance was gentle, practical and focused on exercises I could do at home to continue on my own. It was much more a service to those of us who have lost weight than I expected. I had assumed (in my cynicism) that it would be a thinly veiled sales pitch of her business – but instead it was a considerate helping hand on the road to better fitness – weather I ever choose to visit her again or not. Thank you for including this valuable offering, and please send a special thank you to her for the selfless giving of her time, motivational encouragement and printed exercise materials.”

“Thank you for giving me the opportunity to participate and attend the sessions at Studio Fit. It was a very good experience to me. I learned so many exercises that I can do at home with the available material I have. Gayle and her staff are expert in their profession. Gayle designed a good program for me and provided me with a lot of instructions about the exercises I did at her place. It was a good experience and I am sure others can get a lot of benefit if they attend.”